The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil

By Jack Barrow

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The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil started out as a serialised story designed to attract visitors back to the Philosopher's Stone each month. However, after writing just few chapters it became clear that the story was more valuable than the web site it was conceived to promote.

The story is a topical occult comedy with magic set in the modern world. Wayne, Nigel and Clint, three apparently ordinary individuals, are secretly master magicians. However, instead of the usual Hidden Tibetan Masters, they are the Three Hidden Masters - two from Hemel Hempstead and one from Bricket Wood. Discovering a plot to turn Blackpool into the Las Vegas of the north - and so turn it in to a seedy, tacky and depraved town - they resolve to drive to Blackpool that weekend. The problem is that they need to save the universe by Sunday evening, as they have to be back at work on Monday morning.

We stopped publishing The Hidden Masters and The Unspeakable Evil on The Stone before it was finished, convinced that the story would stand alone, beleiving that a publisher would prefer a story that hasn't been fully published on the web. To those readers who were following the story we can only apologise but you can now buy the published book.

The story is now in print, however, we are are aware that we are a very small operation and Jack would be better served by a larger publisher. If you are such a publisher, or an agent, then please get in touch with us via the web site linked at the bottom of this page. This is the first of a series of four stories, with ideas for many more if there proves to be a readership.

What you see here is the first three chapters, about 11,000 words, with the whole book running to about 140,000. If you like what you read here you can buy it via Amazon or via the link below.

If you are a large publisher or an agent, and you fancy having a part in what might be the latest hot property in publishing, then there are undoubetly opportunities for you, so please get in touch.

Chapter 1 - The Esbat

Visit the publisher's web site and buy the book

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