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The Philosopher's Stone now accepts advertising. Some of the advertising we carry is via associate or affiliate programmes run by companies for their own web sites. Other adverts on The Stone have been arranged through third parties such as the numerous intermediary web sites that put advertisers and publishers together. At the moment we have ended our relationship with our former intermediary and we are looking for a new relationship.

These are the simplest ways to organise advertising. However, if you wish we can agree a direct payment on a prepay basis. In this case your banner is placed on a page of your choice, subject to available space, for an agreed period. A fee is payable in advance, agreed in negotiations based upon the current hit rate of that page. If you wish we can forward reports of our hit rates for the site in general. If you want to know the hit rate for a specific page we would have to organise collection of the data in advance as we do not normally collect data for every page.

Throughout 2003 the hit rate for the site fluctuated between approximately 2000 and 8000 sessions per week. Much of the variation seems to coincide with the release and promotion of Harry Potter books, films and videos. Please be aware that we are definitely not a Harry Potter web site. The first Harry Potter book came out in 1997. The Philosopher's Stone existed as a magazine in 1994 and the term has existed since at least Elizabethan times and probably before.

We have recently added a page called the Occult and Pagan Mart. This is intended to be a sort of on line market place where visitors will be able to see a whole range of products and services at a glance. If you supply any services that would fit in with this page then we would be keen to promote you.

Remember that The Stone is operated from England but our visitors are from the whole world so you will need to consider how you will serve customers who are not in your country.

All enquiries about advertising your products, business or web site on The Stone should be addressed in the first instance via our contact page.

What sort of banners?

Banners on The Philosopher's Stone can be submitted in most sizes. At the moment The Stone is designed for viewing on a browser with a minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. This may change if the average screen resolution of visitors turns out to be higher. The intention is to make the site available to the lowest common denominator as far as technology is concerned.

Standard web banners (up to 468 x 60 pixels) can be displayed on The Philosopher's Stone listings pages and on most articles.


Although The Philosopher's Stone is happy to place your advertising right in front of the readers of The Stone we intend to try to avoid the in your face appearance of many advertising mediums, so try to make your adverts add something to the appearance of the site. Rolling images may be permitted as will be some animations. However, adverts that gratuitously use flashing colours or continuously repeating animations will not be accepted. Adverts such as these will detract from the readers experience of The Stone and thus will discourage repeat visits. The readers of The Stone are generally an intelligent and thoughtful group of people who are quite capable of making up their own mind about products and services who do not need to be treated like mere consumers.


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