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Pagan and occult books come and go with just about everybody trying their hand at writing something for this market, I've even tried it myself. However, the work of some authors become classics while some newer material is clearly destined for greatness. Here we intend to have a comprehensive list of classic occult books and future classics. We hope that most will still be available from book sellers over the web and where they are out of print we hope you will be able to find them via second hand book search services.
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One of the reasons that there are so many books written about this field is that many modern authors take ideas from original works, rehash them in modern terms and publish them as some new age equivalent. Here we only intend to have primary sources, although in some instances even apparent primary sources may be based upon the ideas of earlier generations such as the relationship between MacGregor Mathers' Golden Dawn and the ideas of the Theosophists years before. Obviously where modern books are destined to beome classics they might not be primary sources but if they add something to the debate then they become worthy of inclusion. Works on associated fields, such as philosophy, may also be included even though they may not strictly be about occult matters as this is the sort of writing that will raise the level of thinking in our field.

The idea of this section of The Stone is to end up with a comprehensive list of occult books so that anybody who wants to begin a study of the subject or take their study to a more academic level, could build up a comprehensive library of occult authors merely by coming to this page. Find out who said it first, or who said it best, by using The Stone.

A note on editions

When reviewing books on The Stone reviewers are asked to refer specifically to the copies that they own when writing the review. However, because these books are classics in this field, often, they will have been reprinted any number of times over the years. Sometimes titles change as do publishers. The content of volumes can vary, particularly with editions of compiled or collected works. As a rule our reviewers will be referring to more recent editions to facilitate visitors to The Stone in their search for these volumes. However, some of our reviewers are serious collectors of early editions and as such the publisher informatioin at the foot of the review will most probably be out of date. If this is the case it is the responsibility of the purchaser to satisfy themselves that they are buying the book that they are looking for.

Occult, Pagan and other Authors

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