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Kings of Chaos

Here at The Philosopher's Stone Tower we are always looking for new ways of avoiding the jobs that we should be doing on The Stone. Kings of Chaos was our favoured diversion last year but recently more pressing activities have been getting in our way and as a result our accounts are no longer active.

Kings of Chaos is a free game on a web site where the land is torn by war among men, elves, dwarves and orcs. There you must fight for your land, for your freedoms, and for your survival.

Fight your way to the top. Challenge your destiny. Secure your place.
Then you may be one of the Kings of Chaos.

Well that's what it used to say on the web site, roughly. The point is that in this game you become more successful by employing your friends as officers so it is best played as part of a group. It's a bit like Pyramid Selling or Network Marketing where you benefit from the efforts of the people in the pyramid below you. Of course nobody gets ripped off in this game as it's free. And if you organize the people you recruit, you can either fight amongst yourselves or combine your forces for greater effect.

As a player you are given a link so that when your friends click on it you gain a soldier. If they follow the instructions after the link they can choose to become your officer, then off you go a conquering together. And of course you've always got a bigger friend to help you out against bullies.

We used to list all our armies and those of our friends on this page and encourage visitors to click on the links. This would enlarge our armies and perhaps even recruit new officers. As our accounts are no longer active we don't have any armies to list but we are so fond of KoC that we feel like leaving the page up.

So, if you are inclined to join the melee and perhaps win the prize, why not send us your link and we will see what we can do to promote you. The only restriction is that the title of your army must refer to 'The Philosopher's Stone', a personality from the history of the occult, a pagan god or something from alchemy. You can be as creative as you like with your name so you can be 'The Philosopher', 'The Stone Warrior', 'Uncle Aleister', 'Mars The Destroyer' or whatever you like. Oh, and the sillier the better.

Go on, build you army, send us your link and Happy Pillaging!

The Stoned Philosopher

The Occult

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