... and what do we understand Magic to be?


Magic, or Magick as it is often described, is:

The art of effecting change in accordance with one's will

That seems a very general statement but that may be deliberate. This definition was probably first used by Aleister Crowley, but with his writings one can never tell. However, the point is that everything we do is seen as an act of magic or more appropriately an act of will. Therefore, magic just becomes another tool for extending our will beyond our immediate reach.

In that extension of will there are no moral or philosophical imperatives, no religious overtones (although to some people magic is seen as part of a greater theological perspective) and no implications for other ideologies such as politics or anything else you may care to imagine. A magician is just somebody who has an extra tool in their toolbox as they go about their life.

And if your question is one of efficacy - does magic work in a supernatural sense? - then this web site, and the Forum, is the place to explore this very issue. There is certainly evidence of magic working as an effective tool for personal development but that need not be supernatural. Otherwise, it has been argued that magic is capable of influencing probabilities, but is not capable of influencing possibilities. Any ideas beyond this are welcome on the Forum so feel free to subscribe and pose your question.

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