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The Philosopher's Stone is a web site dedicated to information pertaining to the occult, paganism and associated interests. It is also hoped that the pages of The Philosopher's Stone will become the repository for information and resources of value or interest to pagans, occultists or anyone who just likes the look of the site. The intention is to promote interest in these subjects and encourage coherent and informed debate about occult and pagan issues.

A further aim of The Stone is to show that an interest in paganism need not be perceived as the weird and alarmist subject that it is often portrayed to be, and that the people interested in paganism are often very thoughtful, educated, informed and good to have as friends. That's not to say that such a fringe scene doesn't attract more than it's fair share of scary people, but then again so do many political parties!

The philosophy of The Stone is eclectic and reflects that of its creator. There will probably be a good deal of ritual magic balanced by a strong interest in what has become known as forteanism. (Is that a real word?) Part of that forteanism brings with it a degree of scepticism which seems to come in very handy in this field. All sorts of people come up with all sorts of nonsense, but if you can sort the wheat from the bullshit you can have an interesting time. Of course one can squash a few sacred cows along the way but what the hell. Of course it's appropriate to respect another's beliefs, but how many reincarnated Emperor Napoleons does one have to meet to learn some discrimination?

It is also hoped that The Stone will become a way for talented writers or artists interested in paganism and the occult to get their work out to an audience and have a chance of making some money for themselves in return for their efforts. If you would like to know more about publishing your writings, artwork or anything else on The Stone then read the contributors guidelines.


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Opinions expressed on The Philosopher's Stone site are not necessarily those of the Editor, and opinions expressed as part of the editorial sections should be explained away by virtue of frequent bouts of temporary insanity.

All listings published on The Philosopher's Stone are given in good faith that the events listed will go ahead although readers are advised to contact any organiser for details where there is any doubt. Responsibility cannot be accepted for errors or omissions.

Responsibility for any products or services listed on The Philosopher's Stone is to be considered, jointly, that of the provider and receiver of any such product or service, and any contracts entered into as a result of their appearance on The Philosopher's Stone is also a matter for the parties concerned. The only advice that the Editor can give is that I didn't get to be a magician by believing every loony theory dreamt up by some berk claiming to be yet another vehicle for the New Aeon, or who suggests that he is the True Prince of Darkness. To be a magician requires a certain amount of judgement, and wooly minded blind acceptance will get you nowhere. Believe me, at Winged Feet Productions we accept advertising from virtually anyone, so make your own decisions, but be careful out there!

All material appearing on The Philosopher's Stone is to be considered copyright of Winged Feet Limited unless a suitable copyright notice saying otherwise is given elsewhere on the site. Should a dispute arise about the origin of material appearing on The Philosopher's Stone then that dispute shall be a matter for the contributor and any third party involved. Winged Feet Limited has no responsibility for copyright status falsely claimed by contributors.

The material on this site may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the copyright holder. Individuals may make use of the files on The Philosopher's Stone for their own local use such as in a web cache, so long as those files are not distributed in whole or in part. The exception to the above is that anyone may copy material from The Philosopher's Stone by recording said wisdom in twelve inch high letters, on tablets of stone, so long as due credit is given.

Any mention of, or extract from any product, service or publication, without mention of trademark or copyright status, should not be construed as a challenge to such status.

The existence of The Philosopher's Stone is an example of magic in its most practical sense, but it's bloody hard work so keep visiting and make the world a more magical place.

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