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This page shows a selection of Quality Occult and Pagan Resources.
Here you will find all sorts, from original ideas and historic occult groups
to excellent products and service providers.
The list is short because everything here is recommended by the Editor.


The Booze Bibbing Order of Bácchus. Need we say more? If you want to know anything about plants, we reckon you can find it here.

Bronze Sculpture and Magical Equipment. Probably the best magical equipment you can buy. Fine limited edition occult bronze figures and oil lamps. One of a kind athames and other magical paraphernalia manufactured to order, precisely to you specifications. You can buy cheaper magical equipment, but you can't buy better magical equipment!

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. If you are into weird cults then this is for you.

The Church of the Subgenius. Perhaps the most dangerous cult ever to exist. Do not join this cult, in fact don't visit this web site, and under no circumstances should you ever click this link.

Essential Oils. Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

Fortean Times. The original Journal of Strange Phenomena. Not strictly occult but easily the most comprehensive and balanced source for enquiring minds.

God checker. The name of the site says it all, and the writing style is very refreshing.

The Golden Dawn was perhaps the magical group that had the greatest influence on the development of modern occultism. The names of its members included MacGregor Mathers, Crowley, W. B. Yates, A. E. Waite and many others. Identifying which modern group or web site represents the real Golden Dawn is a bit irrelevant considering the members are all long dead, and can be a bit like the scene in Month Python's Life of Brian with the People's Front of Judea. However, the site linked to here seems quite comprehensive and is on a web ring to other similar sites.

Heritage Action are an organisation that highlights and campaigns on behalf of ancient sites in the UK that are at risk.

Kings of Chaos. Nothing to do with the occult, but this is a great game we have been playing while we should have been doing other things, such as working on The Stone. Follow the link to go to our page listing the armies run by the staff of The Philosopher's Stone.

The Magician's Dictionary - this is part of a larger web site that seems to have some problems including at least one 'we haven't finished this page' entry and the occasional page not found. (Surely if a web site isn't finished it's not worth publishing? Ed.) Plus there is a fair bit of philosophical gibberish. However, for all its faults it does have a rather good index of magical terms. Just scroll past all the other stuff and at the bottom of the page you'll find an alphabetical index.

The most excellent Mandrake of Oxford. Perhaps one of the longest serving proponents of occultism in the modern British movement. Established since the mid Eighties, formerly the organiser of the annual Thelemic Conference in Oxford running for more than 10 years, publisher and bookseller extraordinaire.

The Mystica - very comprehensive online encyclopaedia of the occult, mysticism and magic, etc.

Nun Lander - a fantastic game. Land three times, avoid going to hell and gain an audience with The Pope!

The Oakleaf Circle is an organisation in England that runs camps, publishes The Little Red Book (a book of resources) and runs the most useful Oakleaf Circle web site. If you know of a similar source of information for your country, particularly for listings for moots, then do let us know.

Occult books in electronic format - cheaper than the hard copies, delivered straight to your mail box. Including famous modern occult authors as well as new discoveries.

The OTO is one of the magical groups Aleister Crowley worked with during his life, serving as its head until his death in 1947. There is a main US Grand Lodge web site as well as national sites such as the UK OTO site and others. The content of the UK and HQ sites seem to be mirrored but the Australian and New Zealand sites have a different look and feel. The HQ site also has a list of non English speaking OTO sites around the world.

The Pagan Federation (UK). This is officially an organisation for Wiccans, set up by Wiccans as the Pagan Front in 1971. This is why they ask all members to agree, at least, to three principles; roughly: an appreciation of nature, a positive morality which encourages freedom of will while doing no harm (surely the same as the anarchist principle), and the recognition of some deity or divinity. To a magician, who believes in nothing until disbelief is suspended, this third principle can be a bit of a discouragement. (I got into magic to get away from religion, faith and deities. Ed.) However, one suspects there are many members who swallow their rationality and join up because this is simply the biggest pagan network in the UK.

The Paganlink Network (UK). This is another networking organisation for pagans in the UK but, unlike the Pagan Federation, it does not specify a theological approach and instead encourages a diversity of spiritual and secular paths. As such the Paganlink Network may be more appropriate for magicians who dance on the edge of pagan beliefs and do not care to assign themselves to a religious perspective.

The Skeptic's Dictionary. A surprisingly balanced and informative look at the world of the paranormal. It describes itself as containing over 400 definitions and essays on occult, paranormal, supernatural, and pseudoscientific ideas and practices, and how to think critically about them. This is here for balance. The world of the occult is full of idiots claiming all sort of nonsense which only serves to discredit the truly useful aspects of the scene. This web site may just help spot the bullshit.

Tarot - comprehensive information on all aspects of tarot, lists of decks old and new and generally loads of useful information.

This one is most definitely recommended. Wikipedia - the free online encyclopaedia. What a fantastic idea, it makes us here at The Stone think we might as well give up. It's just a shame it's at the end of the alphabet.


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