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This ritual was used to mark the upload of The Philosopher's Stone for the first time. The first appearance on the web of The Stone was on March 15 2001. The Ides of March is the name of a magical cell (as described in Sabini's article on Cellular Magic) owned by the Editor. The intention of this ritual was to declare the existence of The Stone as an act of magic, put some good will into the site and spread that good will to its visitors.

This ritual isn't really intended for other people to use. We just thought it would add to the number of rituals we have on the site and you might want to steal bits from it.

ALL WORDS TO be spoken during the ritual are presented in quotation marks in bold italic as in this line except for responses as described below.

Preparing The Temple

Image Copyright Winged Feet Limited (c) 2002The temple is prepared with the altar in the centre, decorated with the usual magical weapons; wand, athame, cup and disk, plus candles and other normal paraphernalia. Because of the nature of the ritual a lap top computer, with a connection to the server, was also placed central on the altar. A statuette of Anubis was also placed on the altar as a parallel to Hermes.







Pentagram Ritual to open



Statement of Intent

This speech is delivered by the magician performing the ritual:


"To all those here present witness this act of magic and to all entities in the Universe whom it concerns:

This ceremony is to witness the upload of The Philosopher's Stone to the web and to ensure its splendour out to the furthest reaches of cyberspace.

Hermes, and his appropriate counterparts, shall be invoked tonight to enter the image known as talisman.jpg, there to perform the duties prepared for them.

So that wherever talisman.jpg is represented, Hermes shall endower those who gaze upon it with splendour, and that they shall be splendid unto each other."


Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram Summoning Hermes
(with versicles)

This is taken from Crowley's Magick, except that in this instance we have made some fairly significant changes. This version of the Hexagram has been modified to include a call and response system. This has been done to involve any other magicians present and it serves as an opportunity to use some spare symbolism from tables of correspondences relating to Hermes. The Hexagram as represented here could be used for any conjuration of Hermes.

The Magician performs most of this ritual facing the altar or facing the centre.

Standing upright with the wand in the right hand, held to the chest in line with the spinal column. The left hand should be at the side. Looking straight ahead the leading Magician speaks and other magicians present respond.

Words spoken by the leading magician are represented thus

And responses spoken by other magicians present are represented thus



"I. N. R. I."

"Hermes of Swiftness"


"Yod, Nun, Resh, Yod"

"Hod of the left pillar & the fifth plane"


"Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother"

"Vision of Splendour"


"Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer"

"Hanuman the Overthrower"


"Sol, Osiris, slain & risen"

"Anubis the Jackal"


"Isis, Apophis, Osiris"

"Winged Feet speed Mercury"


"I. A. Omega"


Magician extends arms in form of a cross

"The sign of Osiris slain"

"Absolute Intelligence"


Magician bends arms to right angle at elbows keeping upper arms parallel to ground. Right finger tips point directly upwards while left finger tips point down. Bow head across left shoulder looking towards left hand.

"The sign of the mourning of Isis"

"The root of water"


Magician raises arms directly upwards with hands wider than shoulders and head thrown back looking up.

"The sigh of Apophis and Typhon"

"The violet purple apron"


Magician crosses arms across chest with hands touching shoulders, head bowed.

"The sign of Osiris Risen"

"The sacred Caduceus"


Magician swings arms out into cross shape again and then crosses them across chest as before.

"L. V. X. Lux, the light of the cross."

"Prudence of Earth."


The Magician moves to the East or centre as preferred and draws a hexagram in the air with the wand (This can also be done with the Athame). Draw the symbol of Mercury in the centre of the hexagram and speak as below (with feeling) while striking forward with the preferred magical weapon. (See Crowley's Magick for more complete details, but it'll work fine like this.)

As the Magician strikes forward with the magical weapon say "ARARITA".

Repeat at the South, West and North the same.

Repeat call and response section from Yod, Nun, Resh, Yod, through to ... Prudence of Earth.


Command Hermes

Referring to talisman.jpg on the laptop, the Magician speaks to Hermes saying:

"Hermes, Endow this image with splendour, so that it may become as a talisman & grant splendour to all who receive it, and that they may be splendid to each other".

The Magician begins the upload process and all present are invited to relax and take suitable refreshment as the upload continues. Conversations take place about the possibilities of success for The Stone, it's potential impact and the idea of people generally being splendid to one another.

Once the upload is proceeding and stable Hermes is granted license to depart by verbal invitation:

"Go forth unto cyberspace to carry the message that The Philosopher's Stone is a really cool site, and all who gaze upon its talisman shall be splendid, and that they shall be splendid unto each other."

All present take time to meditate silently upon splendour and success until a signal from the FTP program ends the meditation.

A toast is drunk to The Philosopher's Stone with all saying:

"God bless her, and all who sail in her."


Repeat Pentagram to finish


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