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These rituals have been performed by magical groups with which the Editor is associated. They are of varying complexity and relevance to the browsing public. Some of the material here may be of use to magicians who want to use them as they are, while others are just published as an example of work we have done. Although they are a (partial) record of rituals we have performed, they are usually described in the present tense as this suits the style of presenting them as instructions where they might be performed by others. Feel free to use or customise bits for your own rituals as your fancy takes you but please observe the copyright status regarding republication.

The Curse of the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

Two versions of this curse. The first one is for when you face an uncooperative organisation where you have no choice but to deal with them. The second version is aimed at all of the world's fundamentalists.

Marmalade Today

Tired of being promised jam tomorrow? Then have Marmalade Today!

The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

The magical air freshener. Banishes the mundane world at the start of a ritual and banishes the magical world at the end.


The ritual that was used to upload The Philosopher's Stone to the server when it first appeared on the web.

A Clockwork Universe

Making minor adjustments to your universe without upsetting those parts of your life you are happy with.

Mad Scientists

Ritual magic in a modern setting. This shows that all that pointy hats and sticks stuff, that we think of when performing rituals, is not the only way to do it. When Doctor Dee tried to contact the angels and performed his enochian ceremonies he wore the clothes of his day, not the fashions of 400 years in his past. Yet we wear what we perceive to be the clothes of our past and assume that anything else is inappropriate. Of course robes serve a purpose, being something other than everyday clothes, making us feel magical when we put them on and acting as a sort of uniform, but they are not the only way. The Mad Scientists then, have discovered an alternative approach. It's not better, or worse, just different. But it does work rather well!

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