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Whatever happened to the dinosaurs?

Many years ago the editor of The Stone was in a meeting of one of the many strange magical groups he has been associated with. During the evening, no doubt amid sensible amounts of beer and wine etc., one guy present gave his explanation of what had happened to the dinosaurs and at the same time explained all the world's UFO sightings.

His suggestion was that the reason the dinosaurs had disappeared with such apparent rapidity was not because they had been wiped out by a meteor strike but because they had built time machines and gone to live in the future. The UFO sightings some people see today are the occasions when the dinosaurs were travelling through time and ended up in our time presumably by accident. He told this story with all seriousness and we were unable to get him to admit to a wind-up. The idea seems to be that time travel is no less preposterous than the idea that it is possible to break the light speed barrier and thus travel across the galaxy. There may be other details to his theory but it was a long time ago and you would probably be better off working the rest out for yourself.


Smiley Faces

It has often been said the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, much in the news lately with his globe trotting antics, is said to smile rather more than is healthy. Has anybody noticed that his smile is exactly the same as that of Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine?

Curiously, since we put this link on the site, the smiley picture has dissapeared from the No. 10 Downing Street web site. Have we come to their attention? Are the Secret Police descending upon us as we speak, or is it just the Secret Chiefs that we hear knocking in the night? It matters not, as the link to Alfred E. Newman is sufficient to make the point. Now if the image of Alfred E. Newman was to dissapear we might call it a conspiracy.



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