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These pages are our repository for anything that wouldn't fit in anywhere else. Often these are things that made us laugh (or cry) and we just wanted to have them on the site. Most of them are nothing to do with paganism but we thought what the hell, it's our site so we put what we like on it.
The page is divided into two sections; the funny and the downright crackpot.

Feel free to suggest contributions, although we can't offer payment for them.

Stoned Ideas

These are mostly jokes and things that made us laugh. We don't honestly believe that anybody really takes them seriously.


Really Crackpot Nonsense

This stuff, on the other hand, is just the sort of crackpot nonsense that gives the occult a bad name amongst people with a jot or rationalism. We don't normally like to be rude about people's beliefs, although at The Stone we are sometimes accused of being a tad cynical. An interest in the occult does require a bit of discernment after all. However, the stuff that follows really takes the biscuit. It you believe in this then I'm afraid you are totally beyond help.


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