Contributor's Guidelines


The Philosopher's Stone welcomes submissions of articles, pieces of artwork or photography etc., for consideration for publication. However, The Philosopher's Stone has fairly rigorous standards for what it considers appropriate. Rejection of contributions should not be taken negatively, rather, that some perfectly good material may not fit the remit of this web site.

All submissions should be emailed to the Editor via the contacts page. Particular speed of response cannot be guaranteed.

Once advertising revenue begins to roll in, then it is intended that The Philosopher's Stone will pay contributors for their work. Payment is based upon a percentage of revenue (50%) gained by advertising on the page on which contributors work is displayed. If two contributors are involved in the creation of a page, such as a writer and a supplier of photographs, then the 50% revenue for contributors will be split between the two contributors in a proportion agreed at the time of acceptance of their work.

Until advertising revenue is generated, contributors will have to understand that the intention is to make payment for contributions but The Philosopher's Stone cannot do so until the revenue starts to roll in for that page. Even if other pages are generating advertising revenue The Philosopher's Stone cannot make payments from pages other than that where the contributor's work appears. Payments are not made for extracts, titles or images etc., used on The Philosopher's Stone home or index pages.


Writers are also encouraged to give references wherever possible. Readers should be able to go to the reference sources to find out more about the subject of the article in the same way as in a scholarly journal. Referenced material need not be in print as it is the reader's responsibility to track down reference material, however, full publishing details should be given in the following format:

Author's second name, Author's first name, Title (and sub title if applicable), Imprint, Publisher, Location of publication (if available), Date, Page number (unless general reference is made to whole book).

We won't be too anal about references but try to stick to this sort of information if possible, one missing piece won't stop us listing a reference. The idea is to give the readers somewhere to go for more information. If you make reference to books that are still in print then we will do our best to link to online book sellers (usually Amazon) so that readers can buy the book there and then if they wish. Where we are able to do this we will split the income 50/50 between the proprietors of The Philosopher's Stone and the contributing article writer/photographer etc.

Commissions for book sales will only be payable when we have received payment from the book sellers and when the amount payable reaches a level that means it worth writing a cheque. Basically we will come to some agreement on this. It is worth remembering though, that this isn't going to make anybody rich, it's just another small way of trying to reward the contributors for their efforts.

Book Reviews

Payments will also be made to authors of book reviews of classic occult books. In many cases books available from companies selling over the Internet (Usually Amazon) have an arrangement where a referring web site will receive a commission for sales made during a visit from the referring web site. In this instance the writer of the book review will receive half of the commission payable to The Philosopher's Stone. Payments will only be forwarded to writers of reviews once the commission has been received from the seller of the book about which the review is written. Please bear in mind that the commission is often very small and book sales are often infrequent.

All submissions should be emailed to the Editor via the contacts page. (If you have an attachment to send we will contact you and supply you with an email address rather than you pasting it into the form.) Particular speed of response cannot be guaranteed.

A Note on Copyright

Contributors are encouraged to claim their copyright for the material they contribute. As a contributor you are free to reproduce your material however you see fit and receive payment for such reproduction. Of course if The Stone turns out to be the place you get your first break then it would be nice to have a reference. Rights of reproduction for material published on the web is a very big issue in commercial journalism at the moment with lots of major corporations trying to grab the rights of their contributors. There is no intention to do this on The Stone. The page listing our philosophy claims copyright for all materials unless otherwise claimed (this is just to protect your copyright if you haven't claimed it yourself), but The Stone is happy to release the rights of reproduction to any contributors who have not claimed their copyright by placing a statement saying so on their article or image etc. However, if there is a copyright dispute between a contributor and a third party then The Philosopher's Stone is unable to become involved in such a dispute.


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