Curse of the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

Curses are a bit of a dodgy subject in the world of the occult. There has always been a reputation amongst magicians and sorcerers for their use, but at some point, perhaps as the crystal clutching, fluffy bunny brigade took over, curses have gone out of fashion. However, we are not into magic for the fun of it (well actually we are but that's not the point). If one is going to practice magic then surely one should be able to take advantage of its capabilities and curses are definitely one of the tools available.

Lets not be afraid of this tool, use it wisely and without unnecessary malice, but if somebody fucks you about, and you feel you have reasonable cause for grievance, then let them have it with both barrels!

Be aware of what you are doing. Think about the possible consequences for yourself, the target and other people who might just happen along. Also think about issues such as the passage of time after the curse is finished with. It's best not to act in haste, but the emotional response to a wrongdoing might be just what you need to make your curse work. Also consider that what you might want is restitution, rather than revenge. So give the target the chance to put things right if that is at all possible.

After all, it's just a bit of fun, ... or is it?

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THE CURSE OF the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty was developed to resemble the blood curdling curses of old. Such ideas probably owe more to Hollywood gothic influences rather than anything that a magician of the Middle Ages might have actually performed. But then again it seems probable that any ideas of mediaeval magicians is a fiction. The point is that this is about feeling and if ideas from fiction lend feeling to the process then so be it.

Since it's development we have used this curse twice and we present both instances here. The first example is the original version from a time when we were having trouble with our web host. The second example was developed because we were horrified by the fact that fundamentalists in the world seemed to be guiding us inexorably towards mass destruction.

So follow these links to go to two different versions of the:

Curse of the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

A curse on large unjust organisations

A curse on all fundamentalists


Finally we say, to those who this is aimed at and you know who you are, listen for the sounds of splintering gates and the howling of wolves in the distance. And for anybody who doesn't believe in the efficacy of things such as curses, you are unlikely to hear these sounds in your every day lives (to begin with at least). You will most likely hear the splintering while watching a late movie, or the wolves on a nature programme. After that, you get to hear them in your dreams, and then everywhere.


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