Curse of the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

used in a situation where fundamentalists
are threatening to kill thousands (if not millions)
of innocent people and destabilise the world.


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Curse Intro

THIS CURSE WAS developed during a period of rising fundamentalism in the world. Islamic fundamentalism or even Christian fundamentalism are not the only kinds to be considered. The hawks in governments around the world are themselves fundamentalists and there are many others in our midst who go unnoticed. Their influence may, indirectly, have as devastating an effect on the world as the religious fundamentalists (of all creeds) we are trying to resist.

In this curse we have defined fundamentalists as "political, religious, economic, or any other belief that brings about harm to others either by action or intent". In the final analysis if you meet somebody who is entrenched in their views with an I am right, you are wrong attitude then you may have spotted a fundamentalist.

This is the second time we have used this curse (see the other version here) and once again it is suitable for this operation because it is designed to deminish in proportion to the cessation of the target's fundamentalist activities. You should be able to see that this version differs only slightly from the version we created for our old web hosting company. The main difference is that the trigger has been changed. Hopefully this illustrates how these rituals can be used for purposes other than those listed here on The Stone but please bear in mind the notes we started with at the top of the previous page.

The other diference between the versions is that the curse is placed upon a bundle of incense sticks with the intention that when burned later the curse is released to affect any who later fit the qualifications listed in the trigger. This is only a stylistic variation as the earlier version of the curse was aimed at a specific group, so the name of the target was listed in the trigger. In this case we thought that smoke wafting into the night would be a good way of symbolising the curse waiting in the aeither for anybody who later fits the description. Plus we had a lot of incense sticks to use up!

All words to be spoken by the High Priest during the ritual are presented in quotation marks in italic as in this line.

All responses spoken by all other people in the ritual are presented in quotation marks and presented in italics thus.


Abbreviated Pentagram Ritual to open



Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram Evoking The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty
(with Versicles)

The Magician, in this instance referred to as the High Priest, performs most of this ritual facing the altar or facing the centre. (There is a further explanation of this on the Upload Ritual page.)

Standing upright with the wand in the right hand, held to the chest in line with the spinal column. The left hand should be at the side. Looking straight ahead the High Priest speaks and other magicians present respond.



"I, the High Priest of [insert the name of your magical group or whatever you choose to identify yourself], do summon from his Tower of Destruction, the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty, to attend upon me this night to obey me and serve according to my will."


"I. N. R. I."

"Horus the Overwhelming"


"Yod, Nun, Resh, Yod"

"Geburah of the Left Pillar & the Third Plane."


"Virgo, Isis, Mighty Mother"

"Vision of Power"


"Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer"

"Mars the Destroyer"


"Sol, Osiris, slain & risen."

"Aries the Wolf."


"Isis, Apophis, Osiris,"

"The Host brings Destruction"



High Priest extends arms in form of a cross


"The sign of Osiris slain"

"The Radical Intelligence"


High Priest bends arms to right angle at elbows keeping upper arms parallel to ground. Right finger tips point directly upwards while left finger tips point down. Bow head across left shoulder looking towards left hand.

"The sign of the mournig of Isis"

"The Root of Fire"


High Priest raises arms directly upwards with hands wider than shoulders and head thrown back looking up.

"The sign of Apophis and Typhon"

"The Scarlet Crimson Mouth"


High Priest crosses arms across chest with hands touching shoulders, head bowed.

"The sign of Osiris Risen"

"The Sacred Dragon's Blood"


High Priest swings arms out into cross shape again and then crosses them across chest as before.

"L. V. X. Lux, the light of the cross."

"Iron Will of Earth"


The High Priest moves to the East or centre as preferred and draws a hexagram in the air with the wand (This can also be done with the Athame). Draw the symbol of Mercury in the centre of the hexagram and speak as below (with feeling) while striking forward with the preferred magical weapon. (See Crowley's Magick as referenced in the Upload Ritual for more complete details, but it'll work fine like this.)

As the Magician strikes forward with the magical weapon say "ARARITA".

Repeat at the South, West and North the same.

Repeat call and response section from Yod, Nun, Resh, Yod, through to ... Iron Will of Earth.


Pronouncement of the Curse

At this point it is up to you how you organise who speaks the various parts of the pronouncement of the curse and this may depend how may people you have present. As usual in our group we don't bother with rules and convention so we make decisions to suit the moment. On this occauion there were three of us present so we allocated the first two phrases below to two people and then each took a part of the triger statement. How you do it is up to you.


"We place the Curse of the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty upon this incense so that when burned the curse shall be activated."

Instruction to Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

"We do hereby command the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty that:"


"Any fundamentalist, who by virtue of their strict maintenance of doctrines, be they political, religious, economic, or any other belief that brings about harm to others either by action or intent, will suffer an overwhelming sense of dread, knowing that the Curse of the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty shall be unleashed upon them if they so continue"

"However, should they cease their actions or intent, then the Curse of the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty shall recede in direct proportion to the cessation of their fundamentalism."

The Curse of the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

"The Nine Gates of Hell shall burst asunder releasing the 80,800 strong demonic hoard."

"In the vanguard comes Aries, unleashing his 27 packs of howling wolves of despair and cruelty, who shall stalk you as their prey until they descend upon you and rend your soul from your body with their crimson fangs."

"Then comes Mars, driving his phalanx of bears of violence and destruction, who will tear your living body limb from limb with their claws of scarlet."

"Just when you think things can't possibly get any worse, down swoops Horus, leading his overwhelming legions of cavalry of the damned, who shall attack the very centres of your organisation and control, logistics and communications, supply and demand, customer loyalty, reputation and other targets of opportunity."

"And so, you will witness, with the arrival of the wolves; the loss of your very identity and sanity. With the coming of the bears you will experience the disintegration of your health and physical body. With the charge of the demonic cavalry you will experience the dissolution of your business and employment."

"And so mote it be."

Banishment of the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty

Repeat the Hexagram to banish. You can use the reversal as recommended by Crowley where the hexagrams drawn in the air start from a different point, or just repeat with the intention of clearing the air. To be entirely honest it's your intent that matters, not the exact letter of the instructions.


Repeat Pentagram to finish


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